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Here are the settings required for FocusMe:


Start at Logon - Current User
Master Password - Disabled
Start Minimized - On
Font Scale - Normal
Dark Theme - Off
Check for Updates - On
Backup Settings Daily - On
Use Computer Clock for Quick Focus - On


Force Browser Active When Under Mouse - Off
Determine Popular Websites By Title If URL Not Obtained - Off
Include Blank URL When Blocking All Websites - On
Block Browser When Website Block Fails (Caution!) - On - (This an important setting that is required to prevent FocusMe from being circumvented.)
Reload Browser Tab If URL Not Obtained (Caution!) - Off
Block Browser If URL Not Obtained (Caution!) - Off
Browser Addons - None


Protect FocusMe Process - On
Aggressive Mode - Off
Block Task Manager - Off
Block Command Prompt - Off
Disable Command Prompt/Scripts - Off
Protect FocusMe Directories - On
Protect Statistics - Off
Block Date & Time Changing - On
Block W10 PC Settings - Off
Protect 3rd Party Startup Cleaners - Off
Extra Settings Protection - Off
Protect Process Suspending - On
Block Background App Processes - Off
Block Background Browser Window - On
Track App Statistics - On
Track Website Statistics - On
Include Background Apps/Browsers When Tracking - On
Protect Uninstall - On
Hide from Installed Programs - Off
Protect Switch User - Off


Notification Position - Top Right
Play Sounds - Off
Block Notifcations - Off
Plan Interval Notifications - Off

Sync (Legacy)

Device Sync - Off
Direction - Both

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